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implant dentistry


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The Advantages

We believe implants to be the best possible solution available today for missing teeth. To have a functioning set of teeth will greatly improve your quality of life; not only will you be able to eat normally, but you can also look great. A full set of teeth gives shape and support to your whole face, unfortunately when teeth are lost, the gum and jaw bones shrink, giving  rise to a premature aging effect. Dental implants are small titanium screws, about the size of the roots of your own teeth, once placed into the space left by a missing tooth the jaw bone will stabilize and integrate with the implant, ensuring that the shape of your jaw bone will be preserved and stopping the aging effect. Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth any surgeon or technician can offer today.

Implants are incredibly strong which means that you can bite and chew with an implant just as well as with natural teeth, even  hard foods like whole apples and raw carrots! Implants are  versatile, a combination of one or more implants can be used to restore anyone's smile to brilliance. They are extremely long-lasting, and will enable you to live life as though you had a mouthful of natural  teeth.